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Knowledge Management & Communications

Knowledge Management & Communications

The objective of Knowledge Management and Communications (KMC) activities under NRLM is to create and manage the systems that will provide project staff and communities with relevant, timely information and facilitate the exchange of knowledge throughout the project system to support:

  • Project objectives and implementation
  • Forge strategic partnerships
  • Staff and community learning
  • Create a brand identity for NRLM; and
  • Advocate for the rural poor and issues related to them

NRLM will create communication materials at national and state level, as per NRLM’s communication and branding strategy and in consonance with the Annual Action Plan. Communication materials will be packaged into products for sharing with its larger audience and stakeholders, training community professionals and advocating the objectives of the mission. The communication materials will also be parked at repository/digital library for reference as and when required. Making communication products available at one place (National Repository of Knowledge Products) and providing access, is expected to reduce communication barriers and would also increase efficiency of program delivery, improve overall access and insights about the program besides improving the program quality.

Newly formed State Rural Missions are currently learning from resource states - like Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Bihar. Method adopted is immersion by visiting their program interventions, interactions with stakeholders and learning through exposure visits. Professional Resource Persons (PRP) and Community Resource Persons (CRP) currently are supporting new states in resource block strategy in forming new SHGs and cleaning old SHGs at the village level. At present the P/CRPs are using the communication materials produced by the resource states. States may adapt these materials translating them in regional/local languages or development new communication material- in line with their respective communication strategy/ action plan - communication.

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