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Governance & Accountability

Governance & Accountability

The ultimate intention of efforts to infuse greater transparency and accountability in the implementation of a social policy intervention is that its users:

  • Are made aware of the entitlements that they have access to under the specific Government scheme/intervention
  • Participate in its regular and institutionalized monitoring
  • Play the primary role in the identification of anomalies within its implementation

Our attempts at infusing transparency in the implementation of the National Rural Livelihood Mission is guided by focusing on processes and systems that can be incorporated in the implementation of the project, which ensures that information related to the project is routinely disseminated on a pro-active basis and spaces through which beneficiaries can hold the system accountable, can be provided for.

Guided by the above intentions, the NRLM is in the process of formulating its Citizens' Charter as a statement of its obligations, duties and responsibilities to its beneficiaries. The Charter will create awareness amongst NRLM's partners and stakeholders on the intended objectives of the NRLM and the strategies adopted by the NRLM to achieve the same. The Citizens' Charter is being prepared by adopting a consultative procedure wherein all members of the team are providing their inputs into the content of the charter. We at the NRLM firmly believe that greater transparency leads to developing greater room for demanding accountability, since a system can be held accountable to only when there is clarity on the mandate and objectives of the system. Further on, the NRLM is in the process of devising a grievance redressal system which will ensure that all agencies entrusted with the implementation of the NRLM devise mechanisms to receive grievances/complaints from the public and devise methods to redress them in a time bound manner.

The NRLM has also initiated efforts in pro-actively disclosing information relevant to the implementation of the Mission, in compliance with requirements of Section 4 of the Right to Information Act, 2005. NRLM believes in the regular dissemination of essential information related to the implementation of the Mission in the public domain on a pro-active basis. This ensures the fact that all concerned stakeholders are made aware of their entitlements and have clarity on some of the key resource related information relevant to the Mission.

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